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Las Caletas Day Adventure


  • Visit to the Privately Owned Beach Paradise On the South Shores of Banderas Bay (Only Accessible by Sea)
  • Snorkel or Kayak in the Clear Shallow Waters
  • Take Part in Other Activities Including a Paella Lesson, a Yoga Lesson, or Simply Explore the Beautiful Gardens or Interactive Parrot Center
  • Ideal Way to Both Relax and Enjoy Leisure Outdoor Activities
  • Spa Treatments, Scuba Diving, and Sea Lion Programs are Available at Additional Cost

Tour Summary

Enjoy a full day of fun at the remote cove of Las Caletas, the gorgeous tropical beach of your vacation dreams. After a relaxing cruise to this gorgeous cove, you will have plentiful activities to enjoy, including scuba diving in the crystal–clear waters, snorkeling above a teeming reef, kayaking in the cove, paella cooking lessons in a seaside palapa, hiking the jungle trails, and visiting the Spa Retreat on the hill. Join our service-oriented bilingual crew for a voyage across Banderas Bay to Las Caletas for a complete day of outdoor fun. 

Las Caletas, a splendid estate that was formerly owned by critically-acclaimed movie director John Huston, is considered one of the most picturesque coastal destinations on Banderas Bay. Your tour will begin by cruising south across the serene waters of Banderas Bay on one of our double-decker power catamarans. After you arrive, you have an array of fantastic options for activities. At this sprawling estate, built beside an amazing stretch of beach overlooking a gorgeous cove, we have activities to suit anyone’s taste. If you are interested in exploring the amazing natural environment, we offer plenty of eco-friendly nature activities, including snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking. If you would simply like to unwind and enjoy this vacation paradise, sip a cocktail while sunbathing on the beach, or take advantage of our spa facilities. If you would like to enjoy a taste of local culture, we offer paella cooking lessons. Hike into the jungle to see our aviary filled with brilliantly-colored parrots and delicate orchids.

Q: Where is Las Caletas?

Las Caletas is a private cove approximately 12 miles south of Puerto Vallarta in the Bay of Banderas. You can only get there by sea as there are no roads in the last 3rd of the bay from Boca de Tomatlan to Yelapa.

Q: How do I get to Las Caletas?

The only way in and out is by boat, and because it is a private cove, the only boats allowed in are those owned by Vallarta Adventures. This means that there are no street vendors or other tourists there, making it a true paradise hideaway. 

Q: What tours go to Las Caletas?

The day tour "Las Caletas" and the evening tour "Rhythms of the Night".

Q: Can I book both the day tour and Rhythms of the Night on the same day?

You could but you would have to come back to Vallarta on the boat in between tours. Unfortunately we don't allow guests to stay at Caletas after the day tour has finished as the area must be cleaned and prepared for the evening show. 

Q: What activities are available at Las Caletas and how much do they cost?

The activities are only available during the day time tour and most are included in the price of your day:

  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Stand-up Paddle Boarding
  • Kids Adventure Park and Zoo
  • Nature Trail
  • Parrot Encounter
  • Cooking lessons

Other activities cost extra: 

  • Spa treatments - $35 - $70 USD
  • Clay Modeling - $6 USD
  • Scuba Lessons - $50 USD
  • Scuba Diving - $50 USD 

Q: How big is Las Caletas?

Caletas has approximately 3/4 mile of coastline and over 1,000 hectares of tropical forest. It has a pier, 4 beaches, a hill top spa, 4 dining areas and a 1.5 mile nature trail in the forest. There is also the open-air amphitheater tucked away in the forest with seating for 500 people. 

Q: Drinks are included in the price - but does that mean everything?

Open bar includes bottled water, fruit juices, sodas, beer, Bacardi, tequila, Smirnoff vodka, margaritas and wine during your meal. You don't need to pay for any drinks. In the evenings, we also have a wine list so that you can choose a special bottle of wine to accompany your dinner with prices ranging from $25 USD and up per bottle. However, the table wine is free, so you don't have to pay extra for wine if you don't want to.

Q: I'm a vegetarian, will there be anything for me to eat?

Of course! Our buffet style lunch includes a large selection of salads, pasta and grilled vegetables, as well as seafood paella during the day and grilled fish at night. For carnivores there is also grilled chicken and steak or ribs. You can help yourselves as many times as you like and the food at Caletas really is delicious!

Q: Is Caletas wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately not. The nature of the area means that there are a number of inclines and some steps. Caletas is a very natural place and most of the paths are sandy or with an uneven surface. Wheelchairs would not be able to get over to the beaches, spa or to the areas where we have activities.

Q: It looks as though everything is included in the tour - what should I bring and are there any lockers to leave my gear?

Bring a towel, your swimming gear, sunscreen and a hat. You may want to bring some money to leave as tips for the crew or staff or if you want to take a massage. There is also a small gift shop at Caletas where you can buy waterproof cameras, t-shirts and things like that. There are lockers at Caletas so you can store your things safely while you go snorkeling or kayaking - you will need to leave an ID or hotel key as deposit for this.

It is your responsibility to make sure you are aware of and understand all restrictions pertaining to this tour before booking online or over the phone. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are medically qualified and within any limits listed below in order to participate in this activity. No refunds will be given to those who reserve a spot and can not participate due to the restrictions listed below. For more information please read our cancellation policy and terms and conditions page or call our staff with any questions regarding your ability to participate.

  • Tour does not operate on Sundays
  • All children using the Kid’s Adventure Park must be between the ages of 4 and 11 and must be at least 1 meter tall (about 3’3’’)
  • Cruise ship passengers must book directly with cruise ship

Vallarta Tour Center is always interested in your tour experience with us. We hope you enjoyed your tour and love to hear comments.

Bob Smith

I have been to the Bahamas many times, but Las Caletas Day Adventure is one of my favorite trips! It includes everything that everyone should do here. As a Bahamas veteran, I can say only the best about this experience!

Jim Peters

Thanks to the professional guides! I was a bit worried about kayaking because I had never done it before, but the instructions were great and I had such a good time!

Richard Dixon

The best way to discover nature! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)