Puerto Vallarta Cruise Ships

Puerto Vallarta is a popular stop along many Mexican cruise ship itineraries, and sometimes even as the final destination on a cruise vacation. The city of Puerto Vallarta is located right on the coast of the Banderas Bay, a large body of water that opens up to the Pacific Ocean and features stunning views of the mountain-filled coastline and excellent scuba diving and snorkeling. Puerto Vallarta and its surrounding regions have an incredibly diverse list of activities and sightseeing options for visitors, but even a one-day visit to the coastal Mexican town allows you to see the beauty of the historic downtown Puerto Vallarta and have a delicious meal at one of the many world-class restaurants.

Puerto Vallarta is a prime cruise ship destinations for two reasons: the walkable size of its downtown and the excellent tours and activities available to guests. Some cruise ship passengers choose to spend their day (or days) in Puerto Vallarta strolling the narrow and charming streets of downtown, shopping at the unique boutique shops or dining at the several Mexican and international restaurants. Other visitors like to spend their day going on excursions, and Vallarta has no shortage of these! There is something for everyone, whether you are interested in exploring the water worlds of the bay or taking a peak at the jungles at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains just outside of the city center.

Getting to Puerto Vallarta on a Cruise

Finding a cruise vacation that makes a stop in Puerto Vallarta is easy since most major cruise lines offer Mexican cruise vacations that make a stop in Puerto Vallarta. Also, thanks to its consistent warm and pleasant weather, Puerto Vallarta is a top destination any time of the year. Cruise ships that come to Vallarta drop you off at the main cruise port, the Marina Vallarta Maritime Terminal, close to downtown. It is a good idea to have your plans for the day figured out ahead of time, so as not to lose precious time spent in Vallarta. Most cruise itineraries allow for a full day in Vallarta, which gives you enough time to explore the historic downtown and go on one or two excursions. Other longer cruise vacations allocate more time in Vallarta, which will let you better immerse yourself in the culture and beauty of the city.

What to Do While in Puerto Vallarta

The most popular thing to do while you are in Puerto Vallarta during your cruise vacation is to experience one of the many Puerto Vallarta tours, activities, and excursions. There is never a shortage of things to do in Puerto Vallarta and you might even find yourself having to prioritize your groups' interests due to time constraints. Whatever you end up doing in Puerto Vallarta, you are sure to be going on an unforgettable experience that will bring you face to face with stunning views and fascinating wildlife. Some of the most popular water excursions in Puerto Vallarta for cruise ship passengers include Vallarta scuba diving, fishing charters, and whale watching tours during the winter months. If you want to explore the dense and diverse jungles outside of Puerto Vallarta and at the foot of the massive Sierra Madre Mountains, check out the ATV and sightseeing tours, hiking tours, biking tours, and the horseback riding trips.